About Service Botting

  • what is botting?

    It is a why-change to the way of automatic earning income by generating(botting) ads, aka passive income, you can stream on platforms such as SoundCloud, twitch, and many more.

  • What does the service do?

    What we do is we provide everything you need to get started with botting,we offer cheap prices with discounts and also will help you out on the journey as it goes, safer to learn from experience botters than you going out in the deep end not know what you are doing

  • Is your service safe?

    Our service is 85% safe.

  • Do I need to learn something before investing in this service?

    Absolutely not, that's why you have us here to help and teach during the process.

  • how much does your service cost?

    It is so cheap 70€ to join + you get 2 free RDP XXL from us.

  • how long does it take to get my profit?

    For twitch, the net is (days) from the 15th of every new month to the 31st of the new month because then twitch has the duration of the 31st-15th to check accounts and see if they need to ban them or not. Soundcloud and other platforms have a different net (days), will tell you more if you decide to buy our service.

Service Botting

69.99 / lifetime
  • 3 Bots Methods In One Pack.
  • Works at all times.
  • 24/7 support to help you through your journey.
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